Synchro WA: Land-Based Offseason resource

Welcome Everyone!

Synchro WA is extremely excited to present you all with a Land-Based Off Season Preparation resource, developed in collaboration with Stacey Umeh of The Creative Movement Group and Synchro WA’s 2021 High Performance Head Coach, Irene Toledano Carmelo.

The purpose of this project is for artistic swimmers to have a fantastic resource of essential land training incorporating dance, flexibility, strength and extension exercises. These sessions can be done at home on your own time during the off season or used by coaches as part of their land training sessions.

With these resources made available to our WA swimmers and coaches, Synchro WA hopes that our swimmers will benefit from being able to create a strong foundation in preparation for the season ahead.

The ultimate goal here is to inspire and empower you artistically by giving you practical ways to gain an Artistic Advantage in this sport we all love.

Have a lot of fun!

Synchro WA, Stacey and Irene xo

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