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Presented by Stacey Umeh and Parallel Universe in collaboration with Funtastic Gymnastics

Via your laptop, computer, tablet or phone

Welcome to a series of FIVE 45-minute jam-packed online Artistry and Creative Movement Master Classes led by Stacey Umeh, specifically created for young Artistic gymnasts at Funtastic Gymnastics, Berwick during this lock-down period.

If you are looking for informative and creative movement sessions that have been designed to offer gymnastics-specific Artistic Preparation and Artistry training advantages; then these are the classes for you!

All Creative Movement Classes led by Stacey have been proven to support and enhance the in-gym artistry development of her participants!

The 5 Week Artistry Master Class Overview

The Master Classes will run over five weeks, from the 20th August until the 17th of September 2020. The syllabus will be delivered via Funtastic Gymnastics’ Zoom sessions AND backed up with access to additional bonus class work via a “video-on-demand” set up on The Parallel Universe’s online platform.

The 5-week Master Class curriculum will consist of a 30 minute movement session followed by 15 minutes of theory and explanation including activities in the following topic areas:

Week 1: Posture – Body Alignment
Week 2: Posture – Core muscle awareness
Week 3: Rotation of Legs – Turn out, Leg alignment and Leg tension
Week 4: Feet – Foot tension, extension and articulation
Week 5: Arms – Correct Arm and Hand placement

Any student questions/queries will be responded to either during Zoom sessions OR via the email address of the participant’s responsible grown-up. This will be the perfect way to stay up to date with the curriculum as well as to stay connected with other classmates.

You will receive a login to the online platform upon successful registration and the link will remain live for the duration of the 5 weeks of the Master Class series.

About Stacey Umeh

Stacey is a World Expert in Artistic Preparation. She travels the world coaching athletes at the highest levels. She has provided Artistry and Choreographic coaching to thousands of individuals worldwide including:

  • Australian, Chinese, Singaporean and Japanese Women’s Olympic Gymnasts
  • The Australian 2016 Rio Olympic Synchronised Swim Team
  • Champions from sports such as Rhythmic Gymnastics, Men’s Gymnastics, Synchronized Swimming, Rugby Union, Netball, Diving, Pole Fitness, Dance and Figure Skating.

Stacey is passionate about creative movement in all of its forms and shares her passion through workshops, private coaching as well as through her podcast, Parallel Universe. Parallel Universe is the perfect poddy for both established and up-and-coming gymnasts and dancers as well as those who love and support them.