Leaps and Jumps: mastering the mechanics

LEAPS AND JUMPS: Mastering the Mechanics

Great emphasis is continuing to be placed upon the technical execution of leaps and jumps. To address this, we must be more pedantic, specific and careful with our teaching of leap and jump technique.

The key to successful execution of leaps and jumps is the maximising External Amplitude (the Height the body gets in the air relative to the ground). The activities in this section are designed to enhance skill execution by encouraging stability and control prior to take-off, improving efficiency of joint movement and encouraging achievement of maximum height.

It is important to have an ideal model in mind for all leap and jumps so that athletes have something to strive towards. These videos are design to embed these ideal models and key concepts into your leap and jump training.

I hope you enjoy using these activities and they help you to further gain an Artistic Advantage!


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