Gymnastics Tasmania

WAG State Squad: Artistic Preparation Resource

Welcome to The Gymnastic Tasmania WAG State Squad – Artistic Preparation Resource.

The digital resource had been designed to give you ways to embed movement and artistry training basics into your everyday gymnastics sessions AND drills for continued learning at home!

We have developed a program focusing on 7 Key Activity Areas which are designed with 4 Specific Artistry Goals in mind:

  • Prepare the Body: using Strength & Alignment and Flexibility Activities
  • Master the Mechanics: using Ballet Barre and Body Movement Activities 
  • Enhance Expressive Performance: utilising Expression & Performance Activities
  • Prepare the Mind: utilising Artistry Fundamentals & Artistry Rule Review Lectures

By using the tools listed above, all participants will continue their journey of creating a skill set of artistry, expressiveness and creative thinking: THE “secret” method for getting an innovative competitive edge!

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