womens artistic gymnastcs- turn Out

Gymnastics Western Australia – State Squad Artistry Training Companion – WAG

Womens Artistic Gymnastics: – TURN OUT 

Description: Theory and small activities around the movement and placement of the leg within the hip socket

Duration: Two to Three minutes

Periodisation: Try to complete 2-3 times per week

Primary Development Area: Deep hip socket region 

Skills this drill will assist in: All activities that require the ability to show leg holding control and range

Especially helpful for: Any athlete who would like to improve the control and range of their leg rotation and attain better Turn Out.

Development areas:

Strength 8/10 | Flexibility 9/10 | Alignment 5/10 | Technique 6/10 | Expressiveness 2/10



Elevated Demi Plie Holds

Positions of the Feet at Barre

Rond du Jambe a Terre (At the Barre)

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