aerobic gymnastics – Use of Feet

Gymnastics Western Australia – State Squad Artistry Training Companion – AERO

Description:  Exercises on the floor and at the Ballet Barre which focus on developing strong, pliable feet to assist with balancing, take-offs , landings AND foot extension (foot & leg line).

Duration:  Two to Three minute exercises

Periodisation:  Try to complete a minimum 3 times per week

Primary Development Area:  Feet

Skills this drill will assist in: Foot suppleness and expressiveness, foot alignment and foot arch and toe strength

Especially helpful for: Athletes requiring strong and mobile yet artistically appealing feet for specific skills

Development areas:

Strength 7/10 | Flexibility 5/10 | Alignment 8/10 | Technique 6/10 | Expressiveness 4/10



Seated Foot Articulations

Foot Articulations at the Ballet Barre

Battement Tendu en Croix at the Ballet Barre

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