men’s artistic gymnastics – posture

Gymnastics New South Wales  – Artistry Training Companion – MAG

Description: Exercises that train your body’s memory to “stack” the vertebrae directly on top one another, while maintaining the correct look, breath and mobility needed for various gymnastic movements.

Duration: Two to Three minute exercises

Periodisation: Try to complete every training

Targeted  Area: Total body

Skills this drill will assist in: General body alignment 

Especially helpful for: Athletes needing control of their core when balancing on or moving through hands OR feet


Strength 8/10 | Flexibility 5/10 | Alignment 8/10 | Technique 5/10 | Expressiveness 5/10



Lying Posture Check (on back)

Lying Posture Check (on front)

Seated Posture Check

Standing Posture Check

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