basic leaps


  1. Running on Toes
  2. Gallops with R & L Legs
  3. Chassés
  4. Step Hop to Passé
  5. Step Hop (Horizontal leg Devant/Forward)
  6. Step Hop (Horizontal leg Arabesque)
  7. Step Hop (Devant/Forward to Arabesque)
  8. Step Hop – Brush to Split Leap
  9. Continuous Split Leaps
  10. Continuous Step to Split Leaps
  11. Chassé Step Change Leg Leap 

Running on toes

Gallops with R & L legs


Step hop to passé

Step hop (horz leg devant)

Step hop (horz leg arabesque)

Step hop (devant to arabesque)

Step hop - brush to split leap

Continuous Split Leaps

Continuous Step to Split Leaps

Chassé Step Change Leg Leap

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